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Article of the Month: The Ultimate Sacrifice
We all owe a debt of gratitude to those who died fighting for our country, and November 11th is the time when we remember those who died in the Great War of 1914 to 1918, the 'War to end all wars'.


RootsMagic 4 Software Review
Version 4 of this popular family history package was released in late March. For the latest review, go to To read the full review go to


Website solves mystery of ancestor missing for decades
John Titford finds the marriage of a ancestor he had been looking for for over twenty years.


NEW RELEASE: RootsMagic UK Version 4
"RootsMagic v4 is bristling with new features, major and minor, matching or exceeding its mainstream competition. Its versatile reporting and publishing are better than many."


Fleet Registers
Before 1754 many marriages were not performed in parish churces due to the need for people to get around the need for banns and other petty regulations. The favourite alternative venue was the Fleet Prison.


Celebrities of the Army - Colonel R.S.S. Baden-Powell
A short extract from 'Celebrities of the Army', a book written in the 19th Century.


Regimental Standards and Cap Badges
Within the regimental system, soldiers and officers are posted to a tactical unit of their own regiment whenever posted to field duty.


Military Head Dress
Headwear is one of the defining items of military clothing. The colour signifies which part of the army a soldier belongs to, and the headwear carries the Corps or Regimental badge.


Tracing a Military Ancestor
Records of army officers were kept as early as 1702. So if you are searching for a particluar army list you know has some vital information that you need for your research, there are many products to choose from.


Case Study: Lawrence Oates
Lawrence Edward Grace Oates saw military service during the Second Boer War, as an officer in the dragoons. He can be found the the 1900 Army List.


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